Tax Preparation

Who better to complete your tax return than a CPA who specializes in tax? Preparation of Canadian personal taxes, including complex returns and forms. For example, assistance and preparation of forms T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement, Canadian departure forms, Part XIII withholding taxes and non-resident real estate taxation.

EFILE registered with CRA. Tax preparation using Wolters Kluwer CCH Taxprep software; award winning and used by the top accounting firms. 

NEW for 2022 – all tax clients have access to the client portal of CCH iFirm Portal. CCH iFirm Portal is a cloud-based portal that provides a secure channel in which you can work with clients online virtually from anywhere in the world, securely sharing documents, forms and reports.

Tax Compliance

Assistance with tax compliance obligations such as T2200, HST and payroll requirements. Specializing in non-resident and part-year residents with Canadian sourced income such as Part XIII withholding tax obligations and rental income in Canada while non-resident.

Expat Tax Consulting

Tax consulting for Canadians working abroad, short term or long term. Providing entry and exit tax interviews to educate and ensure you or your employees are tax compliant, with focus on United States entry and exit and tax form filing requirements. 

Tax briefings are usually an hour and can be held by phone, virtual call or Sandra can come to you or your Executives in person. Travel fee applicable.

Tax Education

One of Sandra’s passions is teaching, in particular teaching youth. Let her come into your high school for an interactive or hands on student tax preparation session. Or hire her individually for a one-on-one education session. 

Far too many young people start working and paying taxes but do not understand the Canadian tax system. They are not equipped with the knowledge to prepare a simple tax return. As a result, many tax refunds sit unclaimed and many young taxpayers are not tax compliant or lack the knowledge to maximize tax deductions/credits. 

Speaking Sessions

Need a speaker for an event? Sandra is available to speak about her technical knowledge or speak on more personal life experiences as a mentor or woman in the CPA profession. Contact Sandra directly for more info and availability.

Upfront Pricing

Contact directly for standard tax preparation fees, additional forms pricing and pricing for other services.

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